Q: What were your symptoms?
A: Severe pain in right hip area. Pain under the scapula on the right side…felt like a burning arrow in my back!

Q: Describe your previous treatment and results:
A: I have been getting chiropractic treatment for 40 years.

Q: What drugs and/or medications were you taking?
A: None.

Q: What recommendations were made by Dr. Harper?
A: Come back and see her.

Q: What were the results of the treatment?
A: Hip pain: Her technique is very unique!!! She laid me on my back….and pushed several areas back into place….kinda like “crawling” over my body. Then she was able to tell me what was wrong. The right hip was going out to the right…and right knee was going to the left…it was not aligned. This stopped the pain and the left side sciatica never came back. Then, when she worked on the shoulder, she told me that I had a rib out of alignment, opposite of the pain. She adjusted my neck, also. Now I have good range of motion in my neck and minimal pain in the shoulder.

A: Is anyone else in your family a chiropractic patient?
Q: No.

Q: Would you recommend chiropractic treatment to your friends and family?
A: Yes.

Q: Any final thoughts on your treatment?
A: I am extremely enthusiastic!!!


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