Chiropractic makes perfect sense when you study and understand the anatomy of the body!

A Subluxation or misalignment is defined as a bone or vertebrae out of place putting physical pressure on the nerve or group of nerves. What we would consider a slight amount of pressure on the nerve, say the weight of a quarter resting in your hand, can cause the nerve to shut down or malfunction by more than 60%.


The nervous system is a connection between the brain and the body, and the superhighway is the spinal cord. This is our wiring system, and the nerves not only operate muscles but they go to organs also, running every aspect of our body. Therefore, you will find that many of the symptoms patients complain of will correspond with the dermatome affected by the vertebrae involved.

It is truly amazing how fast even the most severe pain and disability is relieved when the misalignment is corrected, restoring normal motion to the spine and joints. Patients usually get up off the table standing up straighter and feeling much better, right after their first adjustment!


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