Click on a hot-spot in the skeleton image to see the
symptoms associated with this area.


Symptom Checker

Upper cervical, but can be caused by C7-T1, and/or cranial.
C3 anterior on the left.
Difficulty swallowing/puffy neck—
Anterior cervicals.
Numbness and tingling in arms/hands—
C7-T3 lateral, but can be anterior.
Shoulder pain/burning in anterior deltoid—
Bicipetal tendon.
Difficulty inhaling a full breath—
Food “gets stuck”—
Upper ribs anterior.
Ribs 5 & 6 anterior, especially on the left, vertebrae involved.
Ribs 8-12 anterior.
Difficult digestion—
Look for anterior ribs.
Hiccups, burping—
Lower ribs anterior.
Difficulty/pain with breathing—
Ribs and thoracic vertebrae.
Burning pain
Anterior rib or vertebrae.
Frequent urination/urgency at night—
Anterior L5 vertebrae.
Groin pain—
Anterior pubic bone.
Sharp stabbing pain in SI joint—
Anterior sacrum & ilium.
Leg feels like it is going to give out (weakness)—
Pain or burning in hip.
Pain or burning in front of knee (under patella)—
Hyperextension of knee.
Pain or burning down side of lower leg—
Fibula subluxations.
Pain or burning in foot—
Metatarsal subluxations/ankle sprain.


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