Symptoms —

Spinal Column

  • Dull ache anywhere;
  • Sharp pain in a joint or muscle;
  • Radiating pain, shooting pains;
  • Numbness and/or tingling along any dermatome or in hands/feet;
  • Antalgia — body gets “stuck” in abnormal position (bent over, etc.);
  • Difficulty/pain with any normal movements, sitting/getting up, turning over in bed, walking, standing.
Common Causes of Misalignments —
  • Injuries: falls, sports injuries, car accidents, any sudden stress or blow;
  • Improper Lifting: you can hurt your back even if the object is not heavy;
  • Over-stretching: reaching too hard for something out of range;
  • Twisting or over-stretching your spine;
  • Improper Sleeping Position: sleeping on stomach, or any position where the spine is kinked or bowed by poor/incorrect support;
  • Repetitive movements: especially if positioning is bad;
  • Poor Posture or poor sitting, sleeping habits;
  • Tension, Anxiety, Stress: all these will cause or exacerbate any problem.


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