Spinal Column

  • Headaches, Neck Aches, Jaw pain or discomfort, pinches and popping.
  • Dizziness — vertigo, positional or subjective.
  • Numbness and tingling anywhere (notably hands and feet).
  • Shoulder pain — loss of range of motion.
  • Bicepital Tendon Displacement symptoms: difficulty raising arm above head (think blow drying hair) and behind back (undoing bra motion) pain is specifically located in the front deltoid area.
  • Elbow, Wrist, Hand and/or Finger pain or aching.
  • Midback, Thoracic Vertebrae — aching or burning pain in torso.
  • Ribs out of place cause sharp, stabbing pain, especially with breathing.
    Ribs can also cause:

    • T2-3 — asthmatic breathing, difficulty getting a full breath.
    • T456 — chronic heartburn and indigestion, acid reflux.
    • T789 lower rib misalignment can cause constant nausea.
    • T10,11,12 — hiccups, burping, diaphragm spasms, a twist of the spine in this area can make it difficult to breathe also.
    • L123 area can cause numbness and tingling or radiating symptoms down the front of the thigh.
    • L45 pain can radiate across buttocks and down leg.
  • Sacro-Iliac misalignments — typically a sharp, stabbing pain along the side of the sacrum.
  • Tailbone/coccyx — pain or aching at base of sacrum, difficulty sitting.
  • Hip pain — aching over the area of the hip joint or trocanter, usually along the side, can radiate down the leg; this indicates a hip misaligned in the socket.
  • Knee pain — aching, burning and swelling are all indicators of knee misalignments. These respond very well to treatment.
  • Ankle pain or sprains — patients experience amazingly fast recovery times with treatment.
  • Foot pain — many times caused by dropped/misaligned metatarsal bones or sprain/strain injuries.
  • Severe debilitating pain in lower back — where the patient drops to the floor and cannot get up or cannot move — can be helped in one adjustment and corrected in just a few treatments. These usually involve a vertebrae that has shifted slightly anterior causing spinal cord pressure — which is a very scary pain.


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