Q: What were your symptoms?
A: Dr. Sally saved me twice — first she restored my right wrist back to pre-break condition. I had broken my right wrist in four places, had two casts put on wrong, and was told that I wasn’t going to have full
use of my wrist. Through her guidance and dedication, my wrist is stronger than ever! More currently, I was dealing with ear and sinus infections for more than 6 months!

Q: Describe your previous treatment and results:
A: My doctor ordered blood tests, CT scans, but never did the M.D.’s address why these infections kept coming back!

Q: What drugs and/or medications were you taking?
A: I had been prescribed five rounds of antibiotics, steroids, ear drops, sinus rinses, etc. Even pain medication for the “pressure” in my head!

Q: Had you been to a chiropractor previously?
A: Since Sally had helped me with my wrist in the past, she reached out to me. After one cranial session, I felt an immediately release!

Q: What recommendations were made by Dr. Harper?
A: Dr. Sally figured out that I got my first infection on a flight because I had fallen asleep with my neck bent over (I didn’t have any support pillow!) and because of that, it caused pressure on my Eustachian tube, which couldn’t drain properly. My head (Atlas) wasn’t on straight! So my ears and sinus couldn’t flow properly and thus swelling and infections would continuously return. Once she aligned my spine, I could feel the pressure and swelling go down! My face even looked less puffy.

Q: What were the results of the treatment?
A: After all of the prescriptions, testing, and false starts, chiropractic produced immediate relief, and addressed where the infections were coming from, rather than just giving more and more medications. Over the past few weeks, I have felt more of an improvement than with all of the prescriptions!

Q: Is anyone else in your family a chiropractic patient?
A: Yes.

Q: Would you recommend chiropractic treatment to your friends and family?
A: Yes.

A: Any final thoughts on your treatment?
Q: I believe it is necessary and can prevent so many illnesses. If the foundation and structure isn’t sound, how can you expect the rest of the body to function properly? I’m a true believer in find the cause of the symptoms, rather than keep treating the problem with temporary band-aids.


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