Q: What were your symptoms?
A: Neck and back pain, indigestion.

Q: Describe your previous treatment and results:
A: I didn’t have very good results before I went to Dr. Sally.

Q: What drugs and/or medications were you taking?
A: None.

Q: Had you been to a chiropractor previously?
A: I went to a chiropractor for years in the past….but hadn’t been for a long time.

Q: What were the results of your treatment?
A: Wow!!!! I feel so much better. My stomach felt better, even before I got off the table!!! I have never gotten such fast results. I feel so much better…..Dr. Sally is a miracle worker!!!!

Q: Is anyone else in your family a chiropractic patient?
A: Yes.

Q: Would you recommend chiropractic treatment to your friends and family?
A: Yes!


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